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e. , a interaction, and frequently a collection of spoken or published communications, for instance as utilized in catalogue, dialogue, monologue, prologue, analogue, and many others. From Greek logos, phrase or rationale. malapropism – the incorrect substitution of a term by a very similar-sounding phrase, usually in speech and with amusing result, frequently employed as a comedic gadget in light-entertainment Tv exhibits and other comedy types. The phrase derives from a character termed Mrs Malaprop in Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1775 perform known as The Rivals, whose traces often bundled such problems.

Other writers, notably Shakespeare, previously designed use of the approach without having naming it as this kind of. Lord Byron in 1814 is stated to have been the first to refer specifically to a malaprop as a mistaken word substitution.

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The term is far much less popularly referred to as a Dogberryism, soon after the watchman constable Dogberry character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, who will make similar speech errors. matronym – a name derived from a mother or feminine ancestor. From Latin mater, mother. Also termed a metronym.

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See also patronym . meta- – an more and more widespread prefix referring to the use of substitution or ‹hidden› varieties (terms, language) rather of what is generally noticeable or brazenly obtainable. The growing frequency and reputation of the ‹meta-‹ prefix in language is significantly owing to the computer age, by which so lots of forms of communications are coded, or accompanied by hidden processes/day/etc. Meta is Greek for with/across/[named] after. meta-message – the fundamental or authentic or hidden that means of a communication or data/details/presentation, as distinct from the message to begin with taken and most clearly found in the conversation.

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See meta prefix . meiosis – usually equating to litotes – i. e. , intentional sarcastic/humorous understatement, which typically features the use of double-adverse, (for illustration, «That is not negative. » this means very fantastic) to emphasize or refer ironically to the remarkable nature of something, by suggesting the opposite. writing custom Meiosis is a late-medieval English time period, originating 1500s, from Greek, spelt and that means the very same (meiosis = understatement), from meion, indicating much less. metaphor – a phrase or phrase which is utilised symbolically to signify and/or emphasize a different term or phrase, typically in poetic or dramatic creating or speech, for case in point, ‹his blood boiled with anger›, or ‹his eyes were glued to the display in concentration›. A metaphor is similar to a simile , besides that a simile utilizes a phrase these kinds of as ‹as› or ‹like› so as to make a comparison, albeit most likely very exaggerated, whereas a metaphor is a literal statement which are not able to potentially be accurate.

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‹The criticism felt like he was drowning in a flood. ‹ is a simile, while, ‹The criticism was a drowning flood. ‹ is a metaphor.

Meta is Greek for with/throughout/[named] just after, that’s why the Greek translation/derivation of metaphor, metaphora, from metapherein, to transfer. metasyntactic – a technical description referring to the use of substitute words in language when for whatsoever cause the actual term(s) can not be discovered, either as a result of deficiency of time, treatment, expertise, or permission, and so forth. See Meta prefix. And syntax . See also placeholder names . meronym – only a meronym suggests ‹part of›, for illustration, a window is a meronym in relation to a dwelling, and a hammer is a meronym in relation to a toolkit.

Extra exclusively a meronym is a phrase technically referring to a part of something but which is employed to refer to the entire matter, for case in point: ‹All fingers on deck› (in which ‹hands› are a aspect of just about every crew member yet the phrase is made use of, as a meronym, to refer to the crew users), or ‹Feet on the street› (in which ‹feet› is a meronym for the people today, who are on the street›).